How does it work?

SmartClaw (PWA) works on both IOS and Android.  With minimal user input during collections, the app can generate an incredible amount of insight. When setting up a machine in the app you will be asked questions specific to that machine, based on your selections the app will display the relevant input fields and calculations during a collection.

Awesome Features

A simple app that packs a punch.  We are always listening to the community and working on new features to implement.

  • Commission Calculator

    A core feature of SmartClaw is the commission calculator.  Dynamic fields update based on your collection style and commission payout structure.

  • Machine Variety

    You can use SmartClaw to track more than just claw collections! We have users who track bulk machines and merchandisers.

  • Payment Tracking

    A simple toggle to mark commission paid or unpaid allows you to see at a glance how much commission you owe (or have paid).

  • Location & Machine Insights

    Quickly logging collections in an organized manner is important. Equally important is using that data to display useful insights to optimize your business.

  • Spreadsheet Generation

    Generate an organized spreadsheet in a few clicks. No need to spend extra time at the end of a long collection day filling out a google doc cell by cell.

  • Collection Reminder Prompts

    How many times have you forgot to reset the prize or coin count on your machine?  Integrated prompts will now remind you after a collection.

App Demo Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can use SmartClaw completely free up to 2 machines, for as long as you like. Please refer to the posted screen shots and videos demonstrating some of the features of SmartClaw. If you have any questions about functionality, feel free to reach us at

Yes! Multiple machines can be assigned to a single location.  To take it a step further, each machine can have its own commission rate and accounting style.

No, we have users using the app for bulk collections (sticker machines, capsule machines, etc.) and merchandisers (Keymaster, Barbercut, etc.).  There are probably other uses, but the app was designed primarily for the above mentioned.

Not at this time. SmartClaw is currently only available in english.

On the profile page within the app, you have full control over your subscription. You are able to start your subscription, modify payment details, check next billing date and of course cancel – but we have no idea why you would ever want to cancel 🙂

All payment processing is handled through and their API (we do not hold any credit card information on our end)

Please note, if you cancel a subscription it will be canceled immediately.

SmartClaw does not now, nor will it in the future, sell, rent or lease any of its customer lists and/or names to any third parties. You can view our full privacy policy here.

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Our pricing is as simple as the app is to use.

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2 Machines
2 Locations
Unlimited Collections

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Unlimited Machines
Unlimited Locations
Unlimited Collections
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Get In Touch

If you have questions you can send an email or submit the form.  For quickest replies reach out on our discord channel or the Xtreme Vending discord.

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